Fashion designer, Stylist and Fashion filmmaker, Antonina Pawłowicz has found her inspiration through 60s and 70s Polish and Italian cinema, which can be seen in her textile and print designs. In 2014, Antonina attended the Academy of Fine Arts and subsequently studied fashion design at the Gerrrit Rietveld Academy. In 2018, her career launched when her short film "Eastern Bloc" was published by THE LOVE MAGAZINE. Scarlett Baker from THE LOVE claims "Antonina's fashion portfolio is impressive too" While creating and growing her own brand, she is working at the Italian fashion house, Vivetta. Antonina made her debut in the industry at the prestigious of ALEXANDER WANG to IRIS VAN HERPEN. Poppy cities her Polish roots as her source of inspiration, namely the crafts and the folk art that has been cultivated for centuries. Currently living and working in the city of Florence, Italy, Antonina learned the Italian "Savoir-faire", that has become part of a brand's identity. Since graduating in 2018 and achieving recognition with her short film, she creates under the name "ANTONINA POPPY". The collection consists of unique shaped cotton shorts, lingerie and jewelries with vintage elements.
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